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The Black Book is clear that these are for personal use of members and for chapter affairs. Registered trademarks of the Fraternity may not be used for commercial purposes without permission of the Chief Executive Officer.

Memo Regarding Trademark Use (pdf)

Primary Color Palette

PMS 1805C

C0 M91 Y100 K23

R173 G38 B36

Hex: #AD2624


PMS Cool Gray 9C

C0 M1 Y0 K51

R145 G145 B148

Hex: #919194



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The Lettermen

To A Friend (1977) was the result of a joint effort by Tony Butala, Gary Pike and Donny Pike of the Lettermen and the Educational Foundation of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. Songs by five new writers were chosen as the winning material in a nationwide contest of amateur song writers sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon.

The Lettermen developed the new songs on this limited edition album with the assistance of Vince Morton. The album combines traditional with modern to musically convey the themes of friendship and brotherhood - fundamental principles of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Tony Butala, Gary Pike, and Donny Pike are all members of TKE.


Side One (MP3)

Side Two (MP3)

TKE Song Book

Download the official Songs of Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Edited by Dr. Malcolm Seagrave and copyrighted in 1986.

All Hail!OmicronVictor F. Cada
Epsilon LoyaltyEpsilonR.D. Miller '21
Rambling Song of T.K.E.EpsilonRussel D. Miller
A Toast to T.K.E.Beta-Mu 
Teke Associate HymnDeltaHarold L. Meeker
Hymn of PraiseBeta-ThetaWilliam P. Vaughn
Teke Closing Ode Founder Clarence Mayer
Sweetheart of T.K.E.KappaDutch Andre & Richard Rountree
Iota Sweetheart SongIotaJ. Leslie Pierce
Old Sweetheart Song Al Rockwell
She is the SweetheartZeta-UpsilonM. Seagrave
We're Moving Closer to YouZeta-UpsilonM. Seagrave
We're Spoken TogetherZeta-UpsilonM. Seagrave
Nothing Can Take This AwayZeta-UpsilonM. Seagrave
As Fraters We Are LoyalZeta-UpsilonM. Seagrave
Teke Grace John Gehlamn (Delta) & M. Seagrave (Zeta-Upsilon)