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Founded by Opportunity Out of Defeat and built on the honest convictions of Love, Charity and Esteem, Tau Kappa Epsilon is a men’s social fraternity 118 years in the making. We encourage you to take the opportunity to learn more about our brotherhood, available scholarships, educational programing and leadership development to see why we are the Fraternity for Life.

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Help TKE Raise $575,000.00 By May 15th

Founded by Frater Danny Thomas (Gamma-Nu, Toledo), St. Jude Children's Research Hospital works every day to fulfill Danny's dream that "no child should die in the dawn of life." No family every receives a bill from St. Jude and Tekes across the world have made great strides to support the cause.


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Notable Tekes

  • Andrew Allen

    Andrew Allen

    (Kappa-Upsilon, Villanova, 1975)

    A retired United States Astronaut. A former United States Marine Corps aviator and Lt. Colonel.

  • Roy Jones, Jr.

    Roy Jones, Jr.

    (Tau-Psi, Univ. of West Florida, 2007)

    Roy Jones, Jr. has won at every level he has competed from middleweight to heavyweight. He was named “Fighter of the Decade” by the Boxing Writers Association of America.

  • Kevin Gilbride

    Kevin Gilbride

    (Tau-Eta, S. Connecticut State, 2008)

    An American football coach who currently serves as the Offensive Coordinator of the New York Giants.

  • Francisco Canseco

    Francisco Canseco

    (Epsilon-Alpha, St. Louis University, 1969)

    The representative for the 23rd District of Texas in the 112th Congress.

  • Steve Forbes

    Steve Forbes

    (Grand Chapter, 2009)

    The 250,000th member, Steve Forbes is a former presidential candidate and Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Media.

  • Gregory Pyle

    Gregory Pyle

    (Epsilon-Theta, Southeastern Oklahoma State, 1971)

    Chief Pyle took the Oath of Office June 9, 1997 as Chief of the Choctaw Nation. Pyle served as Assistant Chief for fourteen years, spending a substantial part of his time in Washington, D.C.

  • Dan Mead

    Dan Mead

    (Pi, Penn State, 1973)

    President and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon Wireless. Mead is a member of the Board of Directors and an officer of CTIA, the wireless industry trade association.

  • Ted Bereswill

    Ted Bereswill

    (Gamma-Upsilon, Texas, Austin, 1977)

    The Senior Vice President, North America at Oracle.

  • Danny Thomas

    Danny Thomas

    (Gamma-Nu, University of Toledo, 1962)

    Television and film actor, best known for founding St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  • Howard Shultz

    Howard Shultz

    (Theta-Iota, N. Michigan, 1973)

    Best know as the Chairman and CEO of Starbucks and a former owner of the Seattle SuperSonics.

  • Charles Walgreen, Jr

    Charles Walgreen, Jr

    (Upsilon, University of Michigan, 1925)

    President of Walgreen Co. who transformed his father’s local Chicago drugstore into a multibillion-dollar conglomerate.

  • Conrad Hilton

    Conrad Hilton

    (Alpha-Omicron, New Mexico State University, 1957)

    American hotelier who founded the world’s first international hotel chain, Hilton Hotels, which has since grown into a multibillion-dollar empire.

  • Terry Bradshaw

    Terry Bradshaw

    (Beta-Zeta, Louisiana Tech, 1970)

    NFL Hall-of-Famer who led the Pittsburgh Steelers as the first quarterback in NFL history to take a team to four Super Bowl victories.

  • Perry Fewell

    Perry Fewell

    (Delta-Iota, Lenoir-Rhyne, 1982)

    An American football coach who currently serves as the Defensive Coordinator of the New York Giants.

  • Danny Villanueva

    Danny Villanueva

    (Alpha-Omicron, New Mexico State, 1959)

    Former American football placekicker and punter in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Willie Nelson

    Willie Nelson

    (Nu-Xi, Stephen F. Austin State University)

    American country music icon whose 30 years of  No. 1 hits including his world famous single, “On the Road Again,” have earned him ten Grammy awards to date.

  • Paul Caine

    Paul Caine

    (Gamma-Kappa, Indiana, 1984)

    Global Chief Revenue and Client Partnerships Officer at Bloomberg Media.

  • Merv Griffin

    Merv Griffin

    (Gamma-Delta, Miami, 1949)

    Merv was a television host and media mogul. During the 1960s, Griffin hosted his own talk show, The Merv Griffin Show, and created the game shows Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune.

  • Richard Dozer

    Richard Dozer

    (Kappa-Tau, University of Arizona, 1975)

    President of the Arizona Diamondbacks major league baseball club.

  • Raymond Chambers

    Raymond Chambers

    (Theta-Zeta, Rutgers, 1964)

    Philanthropist Raymond Chambers is the Special Envoy to the United Nations on Malaria. He is also heavily involved several non-profits like Save-the-Music, Points of Light Foundation and locally with the Boys and Girls Club.

  • George S. Halas

    George S. Halas

    (Gamma, Illinois, 1914)

    Nicknamed "Papa Bear", was a player, coach, owner and pioneer in NFL. He was the iconic longtime leader of the Chicago Bears.

  • Alan Gershenhorn

    Alan Gershenhorn

    (Epsilon-Omicron, University of Houston, 1977)

    The Chief Sales, Marketing and Strategy Officer for United Parcel Service, Inc (UPS).

  • Phillip Simms

    Phillip Simms

    (Mu-Sigma, Morehead State University, 1979)

    NFL quarterback and MVP who in 1986 led the New York Giants to their first championship in thirty years, to become the team’s all-time passing leader.

  • Ed Moy

    Ed Moy

    (Lambda, University of Wisconsin, 1976)

    An American businessman and former government official. From 2006 to 2011 he served as the 38th Director of the United States Mint.

  • Bob Barr

    Bob Barr

    (Beta-Sigma, USC, 1967)

    A former federal prosecutor and a former member of the United States House of Representatives.

  • Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley

    (Beta-Psi, Arkansas State University, 1960)

    Multi-platinum music legend and actor whose continuing legacy as the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” has sold over one billion records to date.

  • Graham Harrell

    Graham Harrell

    (Sigma-Xi, St, Norbert, 2012)

    An American football quarterback, signed by the Green Bay Packers in May 2010. He started 3 consecutive years at Texas Tech. University, winning the 2008 AT&T All-America Player of the Year.

  • Jim Fielding

    Jim Fielding

    (Gamma-Kappa, Indiana, 1984)

    Serves as the Board Chairman of the Make-A-Wish Foundation International and President of Disney Stores Worldwide at Disney Consumer Products

  • Marv Levy

    Marv Levy

    (Zeta, Coe College, 1947)

    NFL football coach and Hall of Famer who led the Buffalo Bills to a record four consecutive Super Bowls to become the winningest coach in Bills’ history.

  • Paul Wight

    Paul Wight

    (Xi-Beta, S. Illinois Edwardsville, 1992)

    An American professional wrestler, "The Big Show", and part-time actor, currently signed to WWE on its SmackDown brand

  • Gerald Carr

    Gerald Carr

    (Beta-Sigma, USC, 1951)

    Retired United States Marine Corps colonel and former NASA astronaut. Commander of Skylab 4, the third and final manned visit to the Skylab Orbital Workshop.

  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    (Iota, Eureka College, 1929)

    Accomplished American politician whose successful career in government led to his election in 1981 as the 40th President of the United States.

  • Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers

    (Sigma-Xi, St, Norbert, 2012)

    An American football quarterback, signed by the Green Bay Packers in May 2005. Super Bowl Champion and MVP 2010.

  • Les Paul

    Les Paul

    (Gamma-Delta, University of Miami)

    Electric guitar pioneer and inspiration for the legendary Gibson Les Paul guitar, which is widely used today by many of the world’s greatest guitarists.

  • Mike Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee

    (Beta-Psi, Arkansas State, 2005)

    The former Governor of Arkansas and 2008 Presidential Candidate, he currently hosts a Fox News Talk Show and is a featured speaker across the United States.

  • Digger Phelps

    Digger Phelps

    (Epsilon-Zeta, Rider College)

    Veteran college basketball coach who during his 20 seasons leading the Notre Dame Fighting Irish tied the NCAA record for most upsets over a #1 team.

  • Ed Droste

    Ed Droste

    (Epsilon, Iowa State, 1970)

    Co-Founder and partner of Hooters Restaurants which originated in Clearwater, Florida in 1983.

  • Marshall Scantlin

    Marshall Scantlin

    (Epsilon-Sigma, Central Oklahoma, 1961)

    Scantlin is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College and the Army War College and in 2001 was inducted into the Oklahoma National Guard OCS Hall of Fame.

  • Dr. Gregory Geoffroy

    Dr. Gregory Geoffroy

    (Alpha-Chi, Univ. of Louisville, 1968)

    Gregory L. Geoffroy became president of Iowa State University on July 1, 2001. He also holds the rank of professor of chemistry.



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