Jill Konija

Jill Konija

Tau Kappa Epsilon
7439 Woodland Drive Suite 100
Indianapolis, IN 46278
317-872-6533 EXT. 233

Finance Specialist


Jill is a member of the finance team and she works with both TKE and TEF. Her primary day to day responsibilities include processing and recording payments and donations for both TKE and TEF. She is also very engaged with donors to the Foundation. She spends much of her time working with them to ensure donations and gifts are properly setup and documented. She also pulls and compiles data for both organizations at month end.

About Me

I have been married to my husband, David, for almost 49 years. We have four sons and six grandchildren, and have lived in Zionsville for 40 years. I joined the TKE staff in January 1986.

What I Like To Do in My Free Time

In my spare time, I like to fish, crochet and knit doilies, Afghans, and of course baby blankets. I also like to can our home grown vegetables and make jelly from the apples, strawberries and grapes that we also grow in our backyard.

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