Christopher T. Hanson

Past Grand Offices

2015 - 2017
Grand Epiprytanis

2013 - 2015
Grand Crysophylos

2011 - 2013
Grand Histor

2009 - 2011
Grand Hypophetes

2008 - 2009
Grand Pylortes

2007 - 2008
Grand Hegemon

Christopher T. Hanson

George Washington University

Frater Chris was initiated into the Alpha-Pi Chapter at The George Washington University in 1996, where he served as Prytanis, Epiprytanis, Grammateus, Hegemon, and Recruitment Chairman. He is a graduate of TKE Leadership Academy X, attended the TKE Centennial Celebration in Boston, MA, and is a Life Loyal Teke charter member.

As a Teke volunteer, Chris has served in numerous alumni leadership roles and is a recipient of the Grand Prytanis Key Leader Award. He was named a Volunteer of the Month and has been admitted into the Order of the North. First elected to the Grand Council in 2007 at the Las Vegas Conclave, Chris currently serves on the Personnel Committee and is Chairman of the Board Development Committee.

Chris is a life-long donor and Heritage Society member of the TKE Educational Foundation. He maintains several alumni association memberships and enjoys networking with Tekes of all ages.

In his professional career, Chris serves as Biosafety & Scientific Operations Chief in the Office of the Scientific Director for DIR, NIAID at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. He has fifteen years of experience with infectious disease research, vaccine development, program management, and biodefense scientific policy. He is a 2011 recipient of an NIH Director’s Award and is a co-author on 21 scientific manuscripts.

Chris resides in Poolesville, MD with his wife Annie and their two daughters. Outside of the fraternity, his interests include golf, fantasy football, outdoor recreation, and spending quality time with family and friends.